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In today's competitive landscape, businesses are increasingly focused on driving profitable revenue growth from their existing customers.

Whether you're a start up aiming for rapid growth or a mature organization looking to harness the potential of your customer base, achieving sustainable growth requires the right combination of an engaging customer experience and a product that drives success for your customers. However, knowing where to start and invest your resources can be half the battle.

The Solution

By fusing the strategic principles of customer success with the transformative impact of customer experience you can propel your organization into a phase of Customer-led Growth. Focusing on three core areas - People, Processes, and Proposition - I help you cultivate a thriving team, exceed customer expectations, and unlock unparalleled opportunities for expansion.

About Me:

I'm Deborah Knight, an accomplished Customer Experience Leader with over 20 years of experience, specializing in creating commercially focussed, customer-centric programmes that excite and engage across the customer lifecycle. I am passionate about building thriving teams with the tools and skills to successfully deliver an exceptional customer performance and drive adoption, loyalty, advocacy, and revenue growth. I've worked for major global enterprises to scaling Start-ups and enjoy the vast range of challenges different stage organisations experience.

As the founder of DK CX, I firmly believe that combining the philosophies of Customer Success and Customer Experience is the key to achieving profitable customer-led growth.

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Deborah Knight


Engagement Approaches

Flexible engagement approaches to meet a variety of needs, business sizes and budgets.



​Assist leadership team in developing strategic plans and support decision making. 

Hourly rate


Project Engagement

Support with scoping and execution of a specific CX goal with a predetermined set of objectives.

Bespoke programme design


Fractional Leadership

Short-medium term placement to support specific project, strategy implementation or to bridge a skills or hiring gap.

Day rate


Team Training

Group workshops to upskill, address performance gaps and create high performaning team




Coaching & Mentoring

Support in the development of team leaders and player-coaches to build skills from within


Hourly rate or course


Discovery & Analysis

Unsure where to start? Engage with an initial discovery and discuss opportunities & areas to focus


Bespoke programme design

Free exploratory call with initial consultation


Ready to drive customer-led growth and unlock success for your business?

Get in touch today for a free initial consultation to learn how I can help you harness the combined power of Customer Experience and Customer Success. Let's grow together!

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